Backpacking in Asia

6 - 30 July

Hong Kong

On July 6th I flew at 14:35 from Dusseldorf to Amsterdam (KL1858) and then at 17:20 from Amsterdam to Hong Kong (KL887).


After 5 days in Hong Kong I flew to the city Hanoi in northern Vietnam. I left on the 12th of July at 13:25 with flight BL679 from Hong Kong to Hanoi. There I stayed at the Hanoi Asia Guest House for 2 weeks, which is situated in the 'Old Quarter' of Hanoi.

Hong Kong

After traveling in Vietnam for 2 weeks, I returned to Hong Kong for a couple more days. I left on the 26th of July at 9:35 with flight BL678 from Hanoi to Hong Kong.

Back to the Netherlands

On July 30th I flew at 12:30 from Hong Kong to Amsterdam (KL888) and then at 21:35 from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf (KL1863). The arrival time in Dusseldorf was 22:25.

Paris with Noelle

4 - 6 August


On the 4th of August we left at 12:30 in Brussels with the Thalys high-speed train. We arrived in Paris at 14:00. There we stayed at the Opéra Frochot hotel, in the area Montmartre. On the 6th of August we left at 18:00 from Paris back to Brussels. We arrived there at 19:15.

Studying in England

12 September - 20 January


September 12th I moved to Worcester in England to follow an exchange programme. Worcester is close to Birmingham, and fairly close to Oxford too.


I studied at the University of Worcester. My term officially started on September 12th and ended on January 20th. I followed modules in Spanish, marketing and programming.

World map

After all of the above mentioned travels, I have visited a total of 18 countries in my life. That amounts to roughly 9% of all the countries in the world. All these countries have been marked in the map below.